Buying Tips You Need to Know

3 Top Tips to Keep in Mind When Buying a Home.


Allison Wallin / Aaron Bernstein
Northwest Lifestyle Group Brokers


Be Ready

There are a number of ways to prepare for buying a home before you begin searching or go to your first open house. Take a look at the advice gives HERE  to prepare yourself for the journey.


Pre-Qualified vs. Pre-Approved

Part of being ready is ensuring your finances are in order. In the eyes of a seller (and their listing agent) pre-qualified means additional steps to get you approved for financing. Pre-approved means you have a lender that is ready to loan you money.



Limit Contingencies

In today's market even great offers
can be frowned on if buyers have
multiple contingencies.
Ideally, you want to make an offer with as
few contingencies as possible without
exposing you to large risks. To help reduce
contingencies many sellers have already
performed anticipated inspections so you
can review the condition of their property
prior to submitting an offer.

Your agent should have a list of suppliers
you can call on if you need inspections
or other repair or maintenance work needs to be quoted quickly.


First Time Buyers

Buying a house for first time owners can be scary and presents a lot of unknowns. Having an experienced team to walk you through the process, explain the ins and outs, and primary actions you need to be prepared for is important.


Allison and Aaron love to share their personal knowledge and expertise to ensure you understand the process and get all of your questions answered.

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