Selling Tips to Maximize Your Property Value

4 Things to Keep in Mind


Allison Wallin / Aaron Bernstein
Northwest Lifestyle Group Brokers


Curb Appeal

From multi-million homes to studio condos, curb appeal is essential.
Allison and Aaron can help you see your home through the eyes of potential buyers, who are likely to make their decision from the first view either in person or virtually.  To make the most of this first impression Allison and Aaron will guide you through areas that should be addressed to improve your properties' curb appeal.


Investing to Secure a Higher Offer

Notwithstanding the hot selling market, certain improvements may be crucial to obtain the highest and most timely possible offer. However, not all improvements will give high a return on investment. Allison and Aaron are experts at advising what improvements will matter so that you spend your time and money wisely and get the maximum return.


Staging Your Home

Congratulations! Once you have a potential buyer's attention from the outside, the next step is to make sure that the inside of your property entices and pleases potential buyers. Having furniture and accessories to show off the beauty of your home in the best possible way is critical. As part of the marketing plan Allison and Aaron will present staging options that will increase your home's marketability.



We may recommend that a home receive a pre-listing inspection to maximize the chances of the highest and most timely offers. Having this report available to prospective buyers will answer many of the questions they have about your property and help eliminate contingencies that may delay an offer. To learn more about the inspection process and recommended inspections please contact us.