Enjoying a Northwest Lifestyle

Sun, Water, Mountains, Desert-We have it all!


Allison Wallin / Aaron Bernstein
Northwest Lifestyle Group Brokers



Relocating for work or personal reasons is a large undertaking and even more daunting when you don't know the area.


With over 50 years of living on the eastside, both Allison and Aaron will provide their expertise and experiences living in the Greater Seattle and Eastside areas. Their extensive knowledge will provide insights and a level of detail you cannot find online, and they can provide a level of service comparable to none to help make your relocation to the Pacific Northwest as seamless as possible.


Rental Properties

Purchasing a 2nd home or vacation property as a rental is a great way to invest and diversify your portfolio.  Before becoming a landlord make sure you understand not only the benefits of rental properties, but also the risks.


Allison and Aaron have owned and self-managed dozens of properties that have both long-term as well as short-term seasonal rentals.  Their experience in buying, selling, maintaining and marketing rental properties will prove useful to anyone looking to expand their real estate portfolio.


Vacation Homes

With a long winter rainy season, those in the Puget Sound region love their sunny getaways.

While there are multiple destinations to get away for a weekend and escape the clouds and rain often found on the "westside" Allison and Aaron recommend Eastern Washington where in a few short hours, you can find bright blue skies and a multitude of leisure activities. For instance, with over 300 days of sunshine annually, Lake Chelan and the town of Manson (6 miles uplake from the town of Chelan) never disappoint.

Allison and Aaron have owned a home on Manson's waterfront for over 18 years and love to spend time there throughout the year as part of their Northwest Style living.

Want to find out more about Lake Chelan and how you too can experience the "eastside" of the northwest?
Contact us to learn more and start your vacation home planning.